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25-09-11 : Emotional : 59th over 50 000 songs
Emotional (1996) is still in the top 50 charts at dogmazic, ranked 59th only over 50 000 songs !
The original version (non remix) will be available soon in full length and HD quality.
16-09-10 : Links about CP2JavaWS
Here is a (partial) list of references to CP2JavaWS : (listed in a slide) (at 26 minutes) (Java link)

And many other links :
16-09-10 : 70th most clicked site from
The site ranks 70th in the top 100 sites (most clicked) from portal.
22-07-09 : Dogmazic : 200 000 listenings of Cjed / podcast
The number of listenings and downloads for my whole songs available at musique-libre just reached 200 000 ! (respectively 169450 streamings and 31409 downloads, that is even without counting the direct downloads on the site - and from many podcasts sites). Emotional keeps its great ranking at 58th over 34 000 songs total in the Dogmazic archive.... 
15-07-08 : Podcasts and songs
In April, 2006 (just before the trip to Majorque !), we could discover a spanish podcast, ESPECIAL CTIA Wireless 2006 Comunicando podcast 68, where many songs were used : OscarWide, Stairy, Slumbering, Liquid, SO_AllWays, PBreak, SO_HNSEpic. We then could find another podcast, RMC Les Rétros Sport de l'Année 2006.... 
15-07-08 : MelGrand for seaplane movie
The song MelGrand was used for a video (seaplane above Brienz lake - Bönigen, July 4-6, 2008) featuring nice landscapes. The second music (from another artist whose name I asked for) reminds the ambience from Ushuaia.
30-06-08 : Stats : 104 000 streams and 25 000 downloads
Stats from musique-libre show more than 104 000 streams and close to 25 000 downloads of my songs since late 2005 (and without taking into account direct access to the site). Emotional keeps its rank in the Top40 at the global ranking (among 24 000 songs).
28-06-08 : School movie : Le Médaillon de Sarah
We can watch on the blog of Yonnel Bécognée, teacher at elementary school Gustave Caillebotte of Gennevilliers (France), a short movie (30mn) made with his pupils and those from the school Attaraji of Agadir (Maroc) - the story plays at both places. Among musics (from many artists and also some oriental ones) we find RM_12THCurse (start and end credits) and SO_LyrStrings (dramatic scenes).... 
06-05-08 : Musics in videos from mountaineering site
The site Le petit alpiniste illustré provides nice videos from mountain touring, and uses among others the song Emotional.
27-04-08 : Emotional still in global Top50
The song Emotional keeps its ranking (46th in the global musique-libre rank, over 22500 songs total !) That is here for comments access - last page - (comments alone don't modify ranking, a rating/smiley has to be put - requires an account).
31-03-08 : PMotif in school short movie
The song PMotif has been used for a school short movie, that is here to watch the video (also includes many other songs from various artists).
24-02-08 : Sport DVD
Thank to Sabine (sorry i'm a bit late) from CALLISTO Prod (south France) for having sent me a copy of its sport challenge DVD (cycle) that uses 3 songs (SmoothStab, Thumped and AS Balade). As it is a small production company and a limited edition, I agreed to licence these songs for that use (the procedure and credits have been meeted).
Other such projects (non pro movies) are being worked (many received permisison asks through emails) but I've not yet see the final results.
12-12-07 : DSSideMAS ranked 11th this month
DSSideMAS, a simple ballade composed just a year ago for Christmas, has entered this month Top 50 at musique-libre (it is ranked 11th at this time). Thas is here (also for posting comments and ratings. Rating/smiley requires to create a dogmazic user account, and comments alone don't modify songs ranking).
SO Daggers also enters the top, ranking 21th.
Finally Emotional continues its growth, it is ranked 39th over 17600 songs at the global rank !
24-07-07 : Emotional selected for waiting phone music
The song Emotional will again be used by a company (specialized in aeronautics), this time as a phone waiting music. The song is ranking 42th over 14000 songs at
29-05-07 : AS Balade for estate ads
The song AS Balade has been selected from a local esate agency, Declic Immobilier, as the soundtrack of one of its ads videos : that is here (announce named Herserange). Meanwhile the song entered the may top 50 at musique-libre, rank 30.

The song Emotional keeps its ranking (70th over 12000 songs in the global rank !).
25-04-07 : Liquid in TV show
The song Liquid can now be heard in a new local TV show credits, Rive Est, filmed on Annecy lac. The full sized video is now available at We are expecting soon the first episode.
17-04-07 : Liquid in the musique libre Top50
Liquid (that will be used soon in a low budget tv show) entered the musique-libre Top50 (ranked 25th). This is the result of an unique comment, that leads to think it is easy to be on the top by ensuring only two or three comments at the same time... Indeed few people take a moment to give rating, as it requires to be registered (not the case for a comment, but it has very few effect on ranking).
17-03-07 : Emotional : among most popular 1% songs
Emotional, registered at since a year and a half (among the four I registered first), maintains its rank despite the huge grow of songs posted (now 10 000 in the global archive while they were only few thousands a year ago). The song is now ranked 70th, that is among the 1% most popular songs ! Without ads, and all comments are authentic. A new comment and note today (10/10) is good news, but too few people take the time to do that, so ranking is affected (could be better).
23-12-06 : 30 000 listenings or downloads at musique-libre
Since the registration at a year ago, the number of listenings and/or downloads reaches 30 000 (for the 20 songs published). A quarter of these are downloads, that could show that 25 percent of listeners were pleased or liked the songs a lot. And all of that without new publication since 6 months (in order to restrict the list to one page). New releases are only available through the Songs section (entries with blue MP3 label).
01-11-06 : Site frequentation : x 100 since start
This month the number of visits growth continued at a high rate (40% visits more, close to 8000 visits for october). That is 10 times more than last year at the same time, and 100 times more than during the first months of activity. The repartition (29% from France and 29% from US) is still good balanced, with a great progression from China (7%) and Corea (4%), followed by UK, Germany and Canada (4%) and other countries.
24-10-06 : Cjed at Youtube : song for short movie
The song SO Horn Stack Epic, yet used last summer on the site Leschevaliersdunet, has been used again in a just released short movie at Youtube, called Mayo de bain : that is here. As a 24 fan, that is cool.
10-07-06 : Musics for
The free magazine Osons4x4mag, choosed 4 songs (Emotional, Dynamic, Tendance, Expect) as audio tracks for their video reviews. is a web magazine dedicated to 4x4 and SUV started july 2000 by a group of fans. Now they have 15000 to 20000 visitors each month and the site was acclaimed by profesionnals (makers, events organisers).
25-06-06 : Emotional : rank 19 at musique-libre Top 50
The song Emotional entered the Top 50 some days ago and is making a huge progression, reaching now rank 19 (click on + to expand from the Top 10 there).
21-05-06 : The Knights of the net
A surprise looking at the Google Analytics stats, some access percents are from a site named... Les chevaliers du net ! In fact it is about mid-age games. And the music at the homepage is SO HornStack Epic, that was well received at soundsonline.
15-12-05 : Music collaboration for a local TV channel
The Director of LaBauleTV local TV channel contacted me this morning by mail, and asked for the authorization to use the song Tendance as the soundtrack for an automotive heading (this month issue is a review of the Aston Martin DB7...) As the cut has to be finished this evening, i don't know if my answer came too late. Whatever, it should be ok for the next spot. [UPDATE] The final cut finally could be made before midnight. I got a preleminary version (4'15, no ... 
07-12-05 : e-card music collaboration for a company
Yesterday i received an email from a person working at Ondeo IS, an international subsidiary of Suez group, targeted in water and wastewater treatment. She asked for authorzation about using a sample of Emotional song as the soundtrack of an e-card to be sent to company's employees. The resulting e-card can be watched here (i gave my agreement, the song is deposited at the Snac but is also available throu... 
05-11-05 : Registration to
Surfing on the open source wave, the site is a portal for artists, that provides links to their work (no storage space). Once registered, the artist (or band) has access to charts, statistics, an automatic playlist of referenced songs, podcasts, message box, forums. ...