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02-12 / 10:51 AM : Rock Ability album released (cjed)
Rock Ability album is available at Deezer, Apple Music/iTunes, Youtube, and other platforms. It features rock songs made with synth sounds, and also some pop songs. The song titled MJ Style is intended to remind MJ's songs.
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08-01 / 02:54 PM : Cappuccino 1.0 soon / rich TextView (cjed)
Release of version 0.9.10 of Cappucino brought a new full featured TextView component. The versuib 1.0 will be available this September, 4, that is ten years after the first commit.
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07-03 / 02:21 PM : Far Cry 5 review (cjed)
FarCry 5 performance using an Asus G20CB computer (core i7 6700 quad, SSD, GeForce GTX 980 with 4 GB DDR5) spotted 60 FPS with all video settings setted to max (at 1680 x 1050 resolution). On few moments (or when driving) it could decrease to 50 fps, and on a rare time it can struggle to a few fps.

Overall the vegetation and lighting are even more realistic than with Far Cry 4. The gameplay however is not as good : the main missions arent't all interesting, we do not see clearly the path (there is few scripted sequences) and the difficulty is too high (not progressive), there isn't enough ammo nor life packs. We then have to rely on a trainer.
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03-16 / 03:37 PM : Cjed EMO album released (cjed)
Cjed EMO album has been released at CD Baby, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify and Deezer (streaming).
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10-24 / 01:37 PM : OSX Mavericks installation/performance (cjed)
Following 5,29 GB download, OSX Mavericks’s installer stated 34 minutes total installation time, and while the volume was an SSD, it didn’t install faster than announced (was closer to 45 minutes). Moreover it took more than 5 minutes to complete the installation while stating one minute remaining (we could check it wasn’t stalling by looking at the log file through the menu). When restarting it added a 7 minutes remaining step, however this one completed in 2 minutes.

In fact the installer kept all previous user files and custom system/library components (audio plugins and applications specific libraries and settings) and preferences (even mysql and apache document root), then providing a fully working upgraded system (no backup required).

The new Apple Maps applications is stunning, with perspective varying when looking from top, and even allows full exploring/navigation mode (from sides with various depths). Details and experience are far more better than with Google’s solution.

Finder windows list view use lighter gray for files informations (as to focus on files names) and sort columns labels. It feels even more responsive than Mountain Lion (that was faster than previous versions). Rendered icons in grid view look sharper, that may come from either optimizing or use of a darker background. Also icons in Preferences panel are redesigned and larger.

The new activity monitor shows more usefull informations, and we now see that non running/front applications use minimal resources after a while (including the activity monitor).

Using benchs show huge performance increase in FFT (on par with Snow Leopard – was way slower in Mountain Lion), that may be interesting for audio applcations. The new OpenGL is 44 percent faster than Mountain Lion’s one (was slower than Snow Leopard). User interface tests results were even greater (50 percent increase) than with Mountain Lion.
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07-18 / 09:32 PM : Logic Pro X (cjed)
Logic Pro X is finally available. Besides a revamped interface (that features tracks groups), it adds new instruments : a vintage synth (analog, wavetable and FM) that sounds warm, an impressive B3 organ, a new drum tracker with convincing kits, a new electric piano. It includes 1300 instruments (among these 800 sampled ones). Also new bass and guitar effects are provided, as well as a powerfull arpeggiator and new Flex pitch tool (that allows Melodyne like editing).

An iOS remote control application is available for free.
There isn't bench comparing performance with Logic 9, and the 32bit audio unit bridge isn't included (Vienna Pro may be used, or jBridge). It is priced $199 (EUR 179), no update path is available. It is still far more better than the previously same-priced Logic Express.s
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05-30 / 10:17 AM : Roland Integra-7 editor / Axial free sounds (cjed)
Roland now provides the mac version of Integra-7 editor, and also new free sounds libraries for its synths (notably Jupiter and D-50 emulations for Integra-7) through its Axial site.
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04-20 / 01:52 PM : Integra-7 PC editor (cjed)
Waiting for the Roland's Integra-7 PC/mac editor, a free one is available here (Windows only - mac version planned).
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04-20 / 01:31 PM : UVI Digital Synsations (cjed)
UVI presents Digital Synsations, a 24 GB samples library that features custom presets from SY77, M1, VFX and D50. Audio demos are available. It is priced $199.
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10-01 / 10:07 PM : Enable trim on OSX 10.8.2 (cjed)
EnableTrim utilities do not work since OSX 10.8.2 update, as the searched binary sequence changed. We then have to use the following commands (errors/warnings are ok, just wait for the commands to complete).s
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