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03-21 / 11:26 PM : Poser Debut free (cjed)
Poser Debut is provided for free today (2,2 GB).
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02-06 / 10:31 PM : Bryce 7 Pro/Studio/Hexagon free (cjed)
Daz3D provides today Bryce 7 Pro, DAZ Studio Pro 4 and Hexagon 2.5 for free (over 800$ value).

UPDATE: the offer has been extented through end of the month ! We can also watch interesting videos about design and texturing with Hexagon (seems really easy, intuitive and powerfull).
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11-25 / 12:08 AM : Shade 12 Standard : discount (cjed)
Shade 12 Standard is provided at 72 percent discount (99$) until November, 28. This version brings, compared to the Basic version available at the App Store, displacement mapping, volumetric textures, particles system, enhanced animation tool (with Hair Salon, Toon animation), and effects.
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10-27 / 11:57 PM : AppCode : lite Cocoa/iOS editor (cjed)
JetBrains, now the editor of famous IntelliJ IDEA, presents AppCode, an Objective-C editor that manages MacOSX and iOS targets. It requires XCode (notably to edit Nib archives through Interface Builder, now part of XCode since version 4) and uses Google Protocols Buffers technology to launch iOS Simulator (as it isn't available on Windows, AppCode can't be cross-platform). Among first reviews (see here and there) some problems are reported with files/imports, however auto-completion seems more powerful than the one in XCode, and the interface looks closer to Eclipse one (and simplier than XCode one), despite being less Cocoa compliant then (see AppCode UI overview).

As for IDEA the solution isn't free (131 euros for a commercial license, 61 euros for a personal license), however its quality and support level, and its lite interface that allows faster acceptance for developers used to Eclipse, may be interesting. A mac will always be required however. A demo version (30 days trial) is available.
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09-07 / 11:35 PM : MacUpdate promo Bundle (cjed)
The new MacUpdate Bundle provides for only 49,99$ famous softwares (90 percent discount), among these Toast 11 Titanium (manages BluRay and features a fast H264 encoder/decoder), DataRescue 3 (data recovery, startup disk creation) and Mellel (word processor).
It also includes interesting utilities (iStat Menus, EarthDesk, PhoneView - allows to access to iPhone's filesystem), a photo editor with effects, etc.
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09-05 / 02:02 AM : Shade Standard upgrade special price (cjed)
The Shade Basic to Shade Standard upgrade is available at 99$ (60 percent discount) until September, 6.
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06-02 / 07:20 PM : Pixelmator / Acorn / GraphicConverter (cjed)
Pixelmator is available for 29,99$ at the Mac Appstore, and the update to version 2, expected this summer, will be free (it may bring support for vector graphics).
We can also find Acorn 3 (49,99$), that still manages vector graphics and provides a brush editor. A comparative review (that also includes Photoline) is available here.
Finally Graphic Converter 7, a new Cocoa version, is available (priced 34,95 euros), however it does not manage layers.
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06-02 / 07:14 PM : Hype 1.0.2 update (cjed)
A 1.0.2 update to Hype is available at the Mac App Store. It fixes the save problem.
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05-30 / 05:19 PM : LumentRT Review for SketchUp available (cjed)
E-on Software presented LumentRT Review for SketchUp, a plugin for SketchUp (free or Pro) that allows to navigate through a scene (with better quality- textures and lighting - and in realtime) after some initial processing step (a few dozens of minutes). We can watch videos here and download LiveCubes (pre-processed scenes as standalone applications). It however requires a 512 Mb graphics card (does not work on a mac mini). It is available at a reduced price (195$ instead 295$).
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05-22 / 01:29 AM : Bryce 7 PLE / 6.3 update (cjed)
A free and full featured (no watermark nor size restriction) version of Bryce 7 is available (for personal use only). We can also download a Bryce 6.3 update from the online account (click on reset on the Bryce 6.1 element, and a new link will appear a few hours later).
Samples scenes from Bryce 6.1 aren't however provided with the update.
Bryce 7 Pro brings textures animating, lighting enhancements, particles and Instancing Lab (similar to Vue 9's Ecosystem). It was provided recently at a reduced price. We can also find free Poser models.
Many users however reported that Bryce memory use increased a lot since Bryce 5.5.
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