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05-02 / 02:08 AM : Tron Legacy : fan movie / sound recreation (cjed)
A fan video (however of high quality) on Derezzed song (Tron Legacy) from Daft Punk, created by french designer Arnaud Faure, is available at vimeo.

The sequenced sound used as the song basis is said to come from a Sytrus (FM synthesis) preset, modified through Gross Beat software from Image-Line (see video of sound recreation).

While listening to the song at the iTunes Store, it indeed reminded FM8 Pulse (September, 2007).
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03-10 / 01:10 AM : Tron Legacy new trailer (cjed)
A new Tron Legacy trailer is available here.
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02-16 / 10:57 PM : Tory Story 3 new trailer (cjed)
A new interesting trailer of Toy Story 3 is available at Apple site. The movie is expected this June.
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10-13 / 10:36 PM : Toy Story 3 trailer / 3D (cjed)
The first Toy Story 3 trailer is available in HD at Apple site. The movie will be out in June, 2010, and in 3D at some theatres. The first two episodes will also be available in 3D in theatres, a few months before.s
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07-30 / 11:33 PM : Myst The Motion Picture : optioned to studios (cjed)
Myst The Motion Picture project, started some years ago, just crossed an important step, through acceptation by Cyan of the script (that is inspired from book Myst: The Book of Ti’ana), and granted option to Mysteria Film Group, LLC (MFG), to sell it to studios.
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07-30 / 11:04 PM : Tron Legacy : first trailer (cjed)
The first trailer of Tron Legacy is available at Apple site (HD version). It features the original main actor, Jeff Bridge (plays as the main character's father), the original volontary minimalist graphic style (however full of abstract power and symbolic), scenes with pauses that seem to allow digging into the nature/secret of materials, and a global extreme artifical ambiance that finally goes beyond reality, and leads to another, more naive.
It seems very well done (also for the music), and the movie is expected for 2010. Meanwhile we can play at Tron 2 game, that was released some years ago and still succeeded going farther than the original movie, by providing even more inspiring graphics, music (great) and plot.
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06-03 / 12:13 AM : Toy Story 3 teaser (cjed)
Apple added the first teaser of Toy Story 3, expected in June 2010. It is only a announcement made using the 3D animated characters. The movie was planned for 2006 (by another team), but the original team at Pixar took the project back after Disney buyed the company.
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12-14 / 05:34 PM : The Beautiful Truth movie (cjed)
The movie The Beautiful Truth (see the trailer here), that is still out in US, presents a controversed therapy (based on diet) as wa can read in a New York Times article comments :
The laughable "facts" in the film don't prove anything of the sort. Objective analysis of Gerson's claims make them immediately obvious as quackery, not to mention that that on one side you have REAL doctors (you know, who've gone to school?) vs. uneducated self-proclaimed "experts." This is equivalent to having someone who read a few articles about bridges on the Internet telling a panel of structural engineers that they don't know what they're talking about.
The meta-narrative here is a fascinating study of how easily people become close-minded to science, reason and common sense while thinking that they're being open-minded.

The principle reminds what Steve Jobs said at first about his recent physical condition. However the chimical treatments are not so far in some way, as they are intended to reduce the metabolism, in order for it to focus on vital (unmodified) cells.
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12-14 / 05:21 PM : T4, Day Earth Stood Still, Knowing, 2012, Watchmens (cjed)
Apple provides a second trailer of Terminator Salvation. In the same apocalyptic area (widespread/over used these times) we can find The Day the Earth Stood Still (see first reviews at imdb), 2012, or Knowing with Nicloas Cage.
Finally a new comics movie, Watchmen (whose name reminds X-mens) provides original scenes and ambiance.s
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07-17 / 11:44 PM : Terminator Salvation (cjed)
The next Terminator (so the third wasn't the last), Terminator Salvation, is announced for May, 27, 2009. And the main character will be played by Christian Bale ! We can watch the teaser in HD format at Yahoo.
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