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09-09 / 10:56 PM : The Sounds of Star Wars & player (cjed)
Book The Sounds of Star Wars is available. It contains a sound player (250 included) from movies, and 300 pictures.
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11-25 / 11:58 PM : Sandworms of Dune (cjed)
The second After-Dune volume has been available in France since late May, 2008 (was out in Summer 2007 in US). However it seems less good than Hunters of Dune when reading first review at
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03-01 / 11:42 PM : Silverberg : The Longest Way Home (2002) (cjed)
The latest novel from Robert Silverberg, The Longest Way Home (2002), doesn't seem to meet the expectations, as said in an article from Cinecstasy (provides a huge list of books reviews).
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09-02 / 06:57 PM : Hunters of Dune (cjed)
The first volume of Before Dune, Hunters of Dune, is announced in France september, 25. The second volume, Sandworms of Dune will be out next year (it is yet available in english).
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05-01 / 12:17 AM : Silverberg : In another country (cjed)
The novellas book In another country (most recent ones, from 88 to 96) from Robert Silverberg is a good surprise. Finally there is yet to find a bad text from this reference among contemporary writers : the second from the four novella is indeed less interesting than the others, but it is still well written and succeeds in the complex challenge (to be the base example for a theme to evolve over various writings from famous authors). The first and last stories are great, and the third is realistic and very precise, even if perhaps less interesting (and also not in SF category).
Review at Yozone
Review at apfpmm.
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11-27 / 11:58 PM : The Road to Dune, The Hunters of Dune (cjed)
With The Road to Dune, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson bring an exclusive novell written from discovered F. Herbert notes, Spice Planet, an alternative to Dune. There is also unreleased chapters from Dune and Dune The Messiah, letters, informations about characters, short novells written by the two writters. That is here.
The sequel to the original cycle is yet available in US (Hunters of Dune, two volumes), and we learn there is even a third novell in preparation, Sandworms of Dune, due to 2007.
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08-15 / 02:25 PM : Philip K. Dick : Ubik (cjed)
Here is the most surrealist novel from Dick, where characters behavior is so strange than we feel lost between ages and reality/unreality. The story stands in the near futur (1992 at the writing time), where we see themes that surfaced later in the Minority Report novel. The writing exercice is well done (whereas the style is less fluent than Silverberg's), then this book is a must have, no danger here if read carrefully ! :)
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08-15 / 01:20 PM : Robert Silverberg : Tom O' Bedlam (cjed)
As usual Robert Silverberg delivers with this novel a stunning mastered style (and original), where he describes the strange behaviour of "poor Tom", the hero that presents himself as fool. It leads to very funny dialogues. The theme is collective deviations, ie sectes. Interest here resides more in the inducted reflexions than in the avaited responses.
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05-31 / 07:48 PM : I, Woz : book preview (cjed)
Steven Wozniak autobiography I, Woz, expected to ship next november, has been previewed by Guy Kawaski, through a copy given by co-author Gina Smith. He gives his impressions about the book on his blog. Finally he advices all computing engineers to read it. The book seems well written, with an original approach, not strategic focused.
Perhaps a good idea as a book after the great book about Georges Lucas, The man behind the myth.
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02-18 / 05:07 PM : The man between the myth (cjed)
No traduction yet, please switch to french mode.
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