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03-08 / 09:59 PM : Katie Melua Secret Symphony (cjed)
New Katie Melua album, Secret Symphony, is available. However, except song titled Moonshine, others don't stand out, and/or voice part uses previous tricks, with few originality (moreover orchestration is average in some parts).
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11-23 / 10:17 PM : Katie Melua : Secret Symphony/sample (cjed)
Next Katie Melua's album, Secret Symphony, is now planned for March. Following the two latest (and deceptive) ones, this one brings back the initial producer, who will provide some new songs, besides covers of other artists's songs that content will consist most of.
We can still listen to one, Gold in Them Hills.
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10-15 / 08:39 PM : Evanescence new album (cjed)
The new album of Evanescence has been available at the iTunes Store since October, 7. Among samples (1 min 30s now) we find some nice songs : The Change, Erase This, Sick, Oceans, Say You Will. Those using piano and strings (Lost in Paradise, Secret Door) are however somewhat deceiving (not original). There is to note that drums and guitars are too much on front (the later being also too much processed, leading to a slightly agressive sound and messed mix).
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10-15 / 06:05 PM : Archangel : orchestral and metal (cjed)
Archangel, the new album from Two Steps From Hell (Nick Phoenix of EastWest, and composer Thomas Bergersen that did made some famous demos for Hollywood Strings) has been available since September, 20 at iTunes (also at Amazon, however the samples quality is very bad).

We notably find Destructo from Nick Phoenix (that has been added recently to Ministry of Rock 2 demos, and that has been well received), the also great Nero from Thomas Bergersen. and some other nice songs : Atlantis, Magic of Love, Ironwing, Caradhras, Sanctuary is Lost (whose opening reminds Blade Runner - however it then evolves to an original and powerful progression), Aesir.

These songs make high use of HL Strings and HL Brass.
There is to note that iTunes have been providing samples up to 1:30 (still 30s for shorter songs).
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06-23 / 01:48 AM : Sword & Sworcery : digital album (cjed)
The soundtrack from Sword & Sworcery is available at download for 8,21$ (27 tracks) in various formats (MP3 320kbits/s, AAC and even FLAC). The songs are also provided through streaming in full length.
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06-27 / 11:05 PM : Sarah McLachlan Laws of Illusion (cjed)
New album of Sarah McLachlan, Laws of Illusion, has been available for close to two weeks. The sound is great (very warm and strong piano, that reminds Galaxy Vintage D or Roland's Complete Piano), and one song distinguishes from the whole, Love Come, also provided as a solo piano version.
What seems uncommon is that we can listen to the full songs at deezer.
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06-13 / 11:08 PM : Katie Melua The House (cjed)
New album from Katie Melua, The House, has been available for some weeks (we can listen to wav samples here). While we understand the idea for change (as her latest album was deceiving), and we can agree that the new gothic (symphonic metal) way seems an interesting/promising one, there isn't many songs to remember yet in the new album (that is however based on samples listening and The Flood clip).
Work on sound is nice however, and first reviews seem positive.

We may better listen to Live At the O2 Arena, that provides nice version of previous songs (22 songs at iTunes Store, at a somewhat cheap price).
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03-19 / 12:19 AM : Zimbalam Flash player update (cjed)
Zimbalam updated its Flash player, as we can see here. The interface is more polished and intuitive, and allows to easily browse albums.
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09-21 / 11:43 PM : Marcus Joseph stunning singer (cjed)
Marcus Joseph, from Gearslutz forums, provides a stunning recording where he sings Gone Too Soon.
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09-21 / 12:19 AM : MJ Style : J-10 and iTunes exclusive (cjed)
There is now only 10 days left before release of MJ Style at the iTunes Music Store. The decision of being iTunes exclusive was made in order to provide the best audio quality (AAC 256 kbits - MP3 on other stores), the easiest user experience, the safest investment (AppStore has been here since first days) and security for customers, and to avoid sales split over many marketplaces. Moreover I didn't want to promote subscription-based platforms, that aren't an artistic way of buying music, nor recent marketplaces that got exclusive agreements from majors (not available to Apple, that was forced to keep DRMs for a long time, and more recently to increase the price of new single releases).

From a full album (9,99$ or euros) I will get 5,40 euros net income : then there will have to be at least 11 full albums sales for me to become profitable (30 euros are required to put a release online, and the same amount for removing it if needed).
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