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08-01 / 02:54 PM : Cappuccino 1.0 soon / rich TextView (cjed)
Release of version 0.9.10 of Cappucino brought a new full featured TextView component. The versuib 1.0 will be available this September, 4, that is ten years after the first commit.
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10-24 / 01:37 PM : OSX Mavericks installation/performance (cjed)
Following 5,29 GB download, OSX Mavericks’s installer stated 34 minutes total installation time, and while the volume was an SSD, it didn’t install faster than announced (was closer to 45 minutes). Moreover it took more than 5 minutes to complete the installation while stating one minute remaining (we could check it wasn’t stalling by looking at the log file through the menu). When restarting it added a 7 minutes remaining step, however this one completed in 2 minutes.

In fact the installer kept all previous user files and custom system/library components (audio plugins and applications specific libraries and settings) and preferences (even mysql and apache document root), then providing a fully working upgraded system (no backup required).

The new Apple Maps applications is stunning, with perspective varying when looking from top, and even allows full exploring/navigation mode (from sides with various depths). Details and experience are far more better than with Google’s solution.

Finder windows list view use lighter gray for files informations (as to focus on files names) and sort columns labels. It feels even more responsive than Mountain Lion (that was faster than previous versions). Rendered icons in grid view look sharper, that may come from either optimizing or use of a darker background. Also icons in Preferences panel are redesigned and larger.

The new activity monitor shows more usefull informations, and we now see that non running/front applications use minimal resources after a while (including the activity monitor).

Using benchs show huge performance increase in FFT (on par with Snow Leopard – was way slower in Mountain Lion), that may be interesting for audio applcations. The new OpenGL is 44 percent faster than Mountain Lion’s one (was slower than Snow Leopard). User interface tests results were even greater (50 percent increase) than with Mountain Lion.
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10-01 / 10:07 PM : Enable trim on OSX 10.8.2 (cjed)
EnableTrim utilities do not work since OSX 10.8.2 update, as the searched binary sequence changed. We then have to use the following commands (errors/warnings are ok, just wait for the commands to complete).s
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08-08 / 11:33 PM : iAd Producer 3.0 (cjed)
Apple provides iAd Producer 3.0 through Apple Developer program. It includes the following new features and enhancements :
  • New templates
  • New project overview user interface
  • New layer list with search, re-ordering, and the ability to hide layers
  • Project-wide shared layers
  • Auto-advance between pages
  • New built-in actions : Add calendar event, Send email, Place a call, Add contact, Add ringtone, Take screen shot, Set content offset for scrollView, Add PDF to iBooks, Set wallpaper, Save to photo library, Open URL, Take photo.
  • iAd JS updated to version 1.6
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06-12 / 12:43 AM : New MacBook Pro, iOS6, Mountain Lion (cjed)
Apple unveiled new MacBook Pro (with Retina display, 0,71 inch thickness, SSD, quad core i7, GeForce GT650M with 1GB DDR5, USB3), updated Mac Pro, iOS6 (new Maps app that features vector based rendering, turn by turn navigation). Moreover OSX Mountain Lion will be available in July (20$).
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04-20 / 01:09 AM : Direct2CP available (cjed)
Direct2CP is available. This new version of CP2JavaWS brings the following features and enhancements :

- Added support for php on the server side (not yet full php objects encoding/decoding, only CPDictionary and CPArray encoding/decoding to anonymous php objects), including digest authentication.
- Added easy forms creation by code, including validation management (local and remote validation methods) with automatic error messages display.
- full support for exceptions and errors.
- support for complex nested master detail views (forms views can be used as detail views, and even composite detail view is allowed, for example a detail view that contains both a form view and another master detail view).
- enhancements and fixes in master view : technical id column can now be hidden, columns labels and sizes can be set, master/detail layout split can be horizontal besides vertical, fixed in transient wrong values when sorting in Firefox (now asynch read), fixed additional triggered selection after master view element selection (now asynch read).
- endpoint's url can now be relative.
- support mix of java and php endpoints (separate tracking of java sessionid and php sessionid)
- generic dao service for php and connection factory
- fix in decoder for null dictionary or array properties
- fix in request parameters (now urlencoded - required for special chars like + or = used in encrypted values, criterias or text content)
- support aes encryption for form fields
- window controller for password reset
- fixed log errors for xhr's non allowed (and not useful) request headers (content-length, connection) or unsafe ones (set-cookie)
- added paged grid collection view
- added drop upload controller (compatible with Safari 4, Safari 5.1, Firefox)
- added css3 based Zen html5 audio player (including fixes for Firefox)
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04-05 / 12:15 AM : iAd Producer 2.1 available (cjed)
A new 2.1 version of iAd Producer is available. It brings support for WebGL and Twitter.
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03-29 / 08:38 PM : Safari 5.1.5 / Logic 9.1.7 (cjed)
Apple provides Safari 5.1.5 and a 9.1.7 update to Logic Pro and Express.
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03-08 / 11:22 PM : iTunes 10.6 / 1080p (cjed)
New iTunes 10.6 version is available. It adds support for new 1080p content. To upgrade existing 720p downloaded content, we have to select 1080p in Store preferences.
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02-24 / 11:22 PM : HTML Encrypted Media Extensions (cjed)
The W3C presented a proposal for video and audio files protection. It is based on a license server : No "DRM" is added to the HTML5 specification, and only simple clear key decryption is required as a common baseline.
It is the missing feature that allows Flash to be still required, notably for on demand video.
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