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18-07-13 / 21:32 : Logic Pro X (cjed)
Logic Pro X is finally available. Besides a revamped interface (that features tracks groups), it adds new instruments : a vintage synth (analog, wavetable and FM) that sounds warm, an impressive B3 organ, a new drum tracker with convincing kits, a new electric piano. It includes 1300 instruments (among these 800 sampled ones). Also new bass and guitar effects are provided, as well as a powerfull arpeggiator and new Flex pitch tool (that allows Melodyne like editing).

An iOS remote control application is available for free.
There isn't bench comparing performance with Logic 9, and the 32bit audio unit bridge isn't included (Vienna Pro may be used, or jBridge). It is priced $199 (EUR 179), no update path is available. It is still far more better than the previously same-priced Logic Express.
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