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03-07-10 / 20:12 : New imacs & Mac Pro soon / HD5000 (cjed)
Macnn reported that MacOSX 10.6.4 may include drivers for new Radeon HD 5000 cards and GeForce GTX 480. Then new imacs and Mac Pro should be unveiled soon : the new entry level imac should use the common NVIDIA 320M chipset (found on the new mac mini and macbook pro 13'), and higher models should offer either a Radeon HD5550 or HD5570 (Low profile graphics card, perfect for small form factor or home theater PCs, 39W max power consumption). The new mac Pro are expected to feature a Radeon HD5850 (4 times faster, 151W max power consumption) or a GeForce GTX 480.
Radeon HD5000 series cards seem all fitted with at least 512 Mb of VRAM (contrary to 256 Mb for the HD 4670 included in the second imac model - 512 Mb only found in the HD 4850 from the higher models).

Finally we have to consider that the imac provides 4 memory slots, that allow to upgrade from 4Gb to 8b by just adding two 2 Gb memory modules (about 100$), where the new mac mini (only two slots) requires to replace the existing modules by two 4 Gb modules (about 300$). Upcoming new imacs may then be an even better choice. Such update is due now, as the next one, expected in early 2011, will bring new Sandy Bridge processors (that will unveil the new AVX vector unit, equivalent to old Altivec found on G4/G5).
The Radeon HD 5670 (slightly less powerfull than HD 4670, however higher bandwidth), HD 5750 (faster) or HD 5770 are more likely to be used in the imac. They all support DirectX 11 and OpenGL 3.2.
(submitted at 07-04-10, 13:52 by cjed)
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