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05-10-09 / 23:22 : VSL Vienna Ensemble PRO (cjed)
VSL presents Vienna Ensemble PRO, a new version of its player. It is the first OSX host application that supports 64 bits AU plugins (Cocoa), and Leopard (10.5) is required. It can also manage 32 bits AU plugins (Carbon) on Intel and PowerPC (PPC64 is listed as working but not supported, however we don't know if it just implies G5 support - that are 64 bits processors - in 32 bits mode, or the full 64 bits adressing on these processors).
The software can also host other vendors's plugins (see the list here), and provides a networking mode (between mac and/or PC), that allows to share both audio and Midi, by using a simple Ethernet (Gigabit) connection. It is priced 145 euros.
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